Nile Blue

OCTOBER 31 - NOVEMBER 24, 2012

OPENING RECEPTION: Tues, October 30th, 6-9pm

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After  almost a decade of working with the Red Head Gallery and presenting  exhibitions that mesmerized visitors with their changing waterscapes  using lenticular photography and installations that radiated spaces that   were fluid and aqueous, Janet Bellotto presents her exiting exhibition Nile Blue.

Nile  Blue was inspired by the natural world’s golden ratio (where the  nautilus is often referenced), and what do we consider to be our natural   environment. It considers how we may be losing the magic proportion,  the golden ratio that nature had provided for us, proportions that the  nautilus’ spiral shell exemplifies. This installation consists of a  large lenticular photograph, a video, and a nautilus sculpture that  emits sound.  As visitors walk by the photographic image to view the  video, the image also moves. It uses the process of lenticular (flip  photography- like blinking eyes postcards) thus the scales of the  “creature” appear in motion, producing a wave type of effect. Magnetic  membership cards are available for the visitor to take and keep. They  can use the card to activate the video by swiping it through a card  reader. The video could be seen as a type of “Noah’s Arc”, it contains  animals that are considered as prey, documenting species that are  threatened or vulnerable. "Nile Blue" refers to a color that is greenish   blue, but it is also a dye used as a biological stain for cells, which   changes from blue to purplish red as an indicator.

The  installation was first exhibited at the Cairo Biennale in 2010. A text  written by Yvonne Lammerich accompanies the exhibition.

Janet  Bellotto will also be presenting her work during Art Toronto at the  gallery booths of De Luca Fine Arts, Toronto, and Gallery 3D, Venice.

Janet  Bellotto is an artist from Toronto who splits her time teaching in  Dubai at Zayed University where she is Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Creative Entrerprises. She graduated from the  Sculpture/Installation program from the Ontario College of Art &  Design, Toronto, and received an MFA in Sculpture/Studio Arts from  Concordia University. Her practice encompasses sculpture, installation, photography, video and performance. She continues to write and curate, while exhibiting both locally and internationally. Recent exhibitions  include: 2012 – Aquatica, Harvey Nicols, Dubai; 2011– The Lure, De Luca Fine Art Gallery, Toronto; 2011 Untitled Original, CDA Projects,  Istanbul Contemporary Crosscurrents: Portraits and Electronic Arts,  Streaming Museum in Dubai  (www.streamingmuseum.org); A Cozy Lie,  Redhead Gallery, Toronto; 2010 – 12th Cairo Biennale, Cairo, Egypt;  Drowning Ophelia, Stratford Gallery, Stratford; 2009 – Point of  Encounter, Tashkeel, Dubai; 2008 – In-Situ, The JamJar, Dubai; WAVE, The   LAB, New York City; 2007 – Dehisce, kkprojects, New Orleans, USA.  Bellotto is represented by De Luca Fina Arts, Toronto.

The  artist gratefully acknowledges the support of Zayed University's  Research Incentive Fund and Professional Development grant for Nile  Blue.