For over a decade, Ian Mackay has explored a quiet and intimate formalism to produce works that invoke a contemplative feeling while simultaneously referring to motifs, materials and strategies from an array of periods on the art-historical timeline. His paintings are open-ended investigations of how mark making shapes aesthetic experience.  Sometimes the result of carefully observed depiction, or a mash-up of modernist and anti-modernist motifs, his paintings are both surprising and familiar.  In a fanning-out kind of questioning, Mackay pursues interesting tensions between accident and intention, surface and depth, materiality and illusion, all the while searching for the immanent in painting.

Ian Mackay is a Canadian artist living in Toronto where he maintains his studio. He completed his AOCA at Ontario College of Art in 1980 with studies in Photo-Electric Arts. In 2009 he completed a BFA at OCAD in Curatorial Studies and Integrated Media. Since 2009 Ian has concentrated exclusively on his painting practice and his work can be found in private collections.

For more information visit: imackay.ca
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