Circa 2014.
Mixed media on foam insulation, 47 x 64 inches.




The Red Head Gallery is pleased to present Circa, by Teri Donovan.

Circa takes a humorous but pointed look at the past through the eyes of the future as it underscores the role that technological advancements play in the proliferation of obsolescence in contemporary life.

By mounting a faux museum exhibit complete with requisite gift shop, Donovan invites viewers to project forward in time and reflect upon the early years of the 21st century with an exhibition of artifacts excavated from buildings in downtown Toronto circa 2008 - 2014.

Assuming the identity of a fictitious group of archaeologists, she presents eight 'rare artifacts' ranging from wall paintings and street posters to hand-painted and printed decorative wall panels. According to the Navonod group, the preserved images on these unearthed walls provide a valuable glimpse into the zeitgeist of the times and especially into the anxieties that pervaded the era commonly known as the Internet Age.


Teri Donovan is a Toronto based mixed media artist. Her practice incorporates a variety of drawing and painting media and is concerned with everyday paradoxes that shape awareness, thoughts, and behaviours. Her work includes themes related to perception and memory, human relationships, and the impact of time on personal and cultural identity. She graduated from York University, and the University of Toronto, and studied at the Ontario College of Art, the Toronto School of Art, and The Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore. Teri Donovan is a member of The Red Head Gallery.

Recent exhibitions include:  Inside/Outside, ARC Gallery, Chicago, 2014, Inside/Outside, Blink Gallery, Ottawa, 2013,  It Happened One Night, Fine and Dandy window gallery, Toronto, 2012, An Archaeology of Time, The Red Head Gallery, 2011. Teri Donovan's work was also featured in Carte Blanche Vol.2: Painting, a survey of contemporary painting in Canada.