AUGUST 6 TO 10, 2019
Reception: Thursday, August 8, 5 - 7 PM

As part of our 2019 Summer Program, the Red Head Gallery is pleased to present, Manifestation, a group exhibition curated by Heather Riley.

Manifestation consists of work that explores contemporary representations of the human body through a variety of mediums. These works reference canonical representations of the human figure, while exploring new and unconventional ways that the body exists within space, time, and history. The body has inherent ideas and preconceptions attached to it, both from art and social history. The evidence of bodily involvement in the making of a work is so highly valued, that even its absence has a sense of being. Each of the artists presents a different understanding of physicality, and through action and object, they reflect on the presence and absence of the body in their work.

Audrey Yip is an emerging artist living and work out of Oakville, Ontario. Over the past year, she has worked as the Curatorial Assistant for Oakville Galleries and is currently working with its education program. After years of intensive dance training throughout her life, her sensory response to music became the instinctive motive to investigating perceptible experiences rather than flat art objects. She specializes in photography and sound art.

Brendan Bradley is a Canadian artist recently graduated from The University of Toronto and Sheridan College. Working in drawing, printmaking, video, and sound he creates work that reflect on low brow culture, the crossroads between mass production and the handmade, and the technical and conceptual frameworks behind artistic production.

Chelsea Ryan is an emerging artist from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Ryan is a recent graduate of the Art & Art History program, jointly at the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College (Trafalgar). Her artistic practice is interdisciplinary, and focuses in the mediums of video, performance, photography and painting. Her engagement with the arts community involves working in the cities of Oakville, Mississauga, and Toronto in education and public programming.

Deanna Restivo is an emerging artist working out of Hamilton, Ontario. Having studied at the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College, in the joint Art and Art History program, Dea has a background in traditional and contemporary art. Dea specializes in a variety of print media and drawing techniques with a focus on serigraphy and lithography. Currently, Dea is exploring the use of watercolours and other transparent media, as well as the ritual and history of tattooing.

Heather Riley is an emerging artist working with whatever she can get her hands on, though primarily in printmaking. She holds an HBA from the University of Toronto Mississauga, an Advanced Diploma from Sheridan College and a Diploma in Art Fundamentals from Georgian College. Heather’s work varies but is largely focused on understanding and engineering the space between a work of art and the viewer. She uses found materials in an intuitive way, allowing chance to influence the work.

Mira Szuberwood graduated in June with an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the specialist program Art and Art History joined with the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College. Szuberwood works with paint to investigate the limits of perception. In 2018 she was awarded the Roger Jowett Memorial Award and Canadian Art Award in recognition of excellence in professional practice and painting.

Rebecca Filman is a multimedia artist from Burlington, Ontario. Her practice utilizes various forms of analog collage, print media, and traditional drawing media to make work that is inspired by the viscera or elicits a visceral feeling or response. Filman is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, having completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree and a Diploma in Art and Art History. Her work resides in the public collection at Sheridan College, and has been purchased by the faculty Dean of Animation, Art, and Design. Filman was the 2016 recipient of the Sylvia C. Morton Prize for highest cumulative studio course average in her program. She currently lives and works in Burlington, Ontario.

Ryan Manahan is based out of Toronto and works in sculpture and print media. He holds a Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. He has shown at the University of Toronto Arts Centre, the Campbell House Museum, the Women’s Art Association of Canada, and the offices of Leon Fraser and Associates. Grounded in materiality, Manahan is interested in processes of experimentation, deconstruction, and impression making.

Sabrina Bilic lives and studies in Mississauga, Ontario. She is currently completing her fourth year of her Undergraduate degree in Art and Art History at the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College. Since starting University Sabrina has experimented with many different mediums but has made sculpture along with video and sound her chosen focus. She has exhibited in school group exhibits as well as helps curate and plan the shows. Her time in university has shown her to not limit herself to mediums or concepts. Her art has changed drastically over the past two years but still holds the underlying theme of the human body. Sabrina will continue to develop her themes and concepts over the next year as she will be returning to complete a fifth year.