Kal Honey's work includes painting, assemblage, and collage, often characterized by: a bold, graphic sensibility born of his training and practice as a graphic designer; his love of the frank, honest feel of utilitarian, base materials; and the persnickety, labour-intensive care with which it is crafted. 

Honey's thematic interests are sport, with its industrial-strength colours and imagery and inherent drama; the written word, specifically the short, impact-oriented messages of persuasion in advertising copy, word play, quotations, signage and memes; and, as counterpoint to all the roar, some understated plays of colour and pattern that reward closer inspection. Despite his penchant for visual power, he strives to create pieces that work on many levels: aesthetic, conceptual and emotional – often expressed with a bit of levity.




Kal Honey is an artist, art instructor and former graphic designer. He was creative and obsessively detail-oriented from an early age: drawing, models, embroidery, photography. Kal attended Northern Secondary School in Toronto, and became an award-winning graduate of the Ontario College of Art. After a year-long sabbatical from his 20-year graphic design career in 2009, he refocused his career on non-commercial art.

Kal has exhibited recently at: Milton Centre for the Arts; Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art, Guelph; Station Gallery, Whitby; Propeller Centre and Gallery 1313, Toronto.

Kal teaches at Fleming College, Neilson Park Creative Centre, Visual Arts Mississauga, and Prosserman JCC, as well as leading workshops, giving lectures and jurying exhibitions throughout Southern Ontario.



General Classification, 2012.
Acrylic on wood, 144 x 360 inches.