The molten word
 , 2011

Insomnia - Nuit Blanche 2011



Open all night: October 1, 7am - 7pm

For the sixth year in a row, The Red Head Gallery is presenting INSOMNIA.   This always unique, always surprising group show, is not to be missed. Over 40 amazing artists from across Canada responded to our call, all  reflecting on the theme of insomnia.

 Performance Event: Nuit Blanche, September 24th: Gillian Collyer's 3D work titled 'Wrapped Chair'. The artist  will be coming into the gallery at midnight to obsessively wrap even more  brightly coloured red yarn onto a chair that is hidden and bulging  underneath previous layers of yarn.

List of the participating artists:

Shelby Taylor (The Balcony)

Shelley Savor (Sheep Can’t Sleep)

Matthew Rooney (Sleepless by Peter Wolf)

Sam Mogelonsky(The Molten Word)

Teri Donovan (Go To Sleep My Little Baby)

David Harcombe (Sleepless in the City)

Janice Ykema (Sugar n’ Spice, Insomnia 3)

Monika Raciborski (Pirate Owl, 2011)

Pat Stanley (Polar Coordinates)

Sarah Sands Phillips (With Vigil)

Marc O’Brien (It Whispers)

Fred Galang (Untitled 2)

Mafalda Silva (Unnatural Clarity)

Ellen Bleiwas (24h)

Thelia Sanders Shelton (Untitled)

David McDonough (After Dark)

Jenal Dolson (Baron Munchausen)

Lila Fatehi (Untitled)

Rosalie Lam (Insomnia)

Xiaojing Yan (Untitled)

Eileen MacArthur (Sleep Shop, from: “Days to Remember” 1945-1955)

Jean Eng (Chaircase)

Caroly Scanlan (Mind’s Eye Opened Capsule)

Gillian Collyer (Wrapped Chair)

Kim Dayman (Lack of sleep among the poppies)

Negar Pooya (Insomnia)

Josie Malachlan (Tangle)

Carmen Peters (Finding my desire)

Debra Rohac (Calculus #6)

Sheryl Dudley (London, U.K. 09/11, 3:56 AM)

Sharon Erlichman (Whirlwinds of the mind)

David Cheung (Rocky Railway High Closure – 2001)

Marie Tomeoki (Rage)

Mark Belvederc (Somebody’s fool)

Jennifer Gough (The Inconspicous nature of a restless mind)

Birle Hella (Head Scratching Insomnias) 

Lisa Irvine (Midnight Rambling) 

Najma Velshi (Dancing Dreams)

Jane Martin (Artemesia in Netherland 1/1)

Karon Taylor (Tossing + Turning)