Bridget Corkery  has lived in England, Alberta, Ontario, Florida, Pennsylvania and most recently British Columbia. She has always been intrigued with flux and constant motion, with weather gravity, entropy and other properties of physics. Also, with the fact that no living thing can be motionless, that each has breath, digests, grows, and its cells keep on dividing.  "My young children have added spontaneity to my work. I was in my studio and the children just started painting on my canvass, so I thought, well, I'll just go with this. 

It was also a time when there was lots of things falling over, crashing, splashing and breaking. I like the 'happy accident' in work and now I've put the 'happy accident' there on purpose.

When we moved to a small place after living in the city, nature became my focus. Where ever I move, what is there becomes the focus."

Lucky Lotto Winner , 1990
4-coulour Linocut