The GenMod: Hexes and Antidotes


OPENING RECEPTION:  Thursday, August 16, 6 - 9pm

The Red Head Gallery presents guest artist Stephanie Cormier ’s exhibition The GenMod: Hexes and Antidotes.  This body of work continues the legacy of Cormier's previous project, The Reconceptualized Universe of the Anti- Logo League Girls .

The new work addresses experiments in genetic engineering and the  declaration of a new geological term, The Anthropocene, marking the  evidence and extent of human activities on the earth's ecosystems. The GenMod will   comment on the future of humanity, specifically the species as a  genetically modified being having modified life sources and altered  enlightenment and aestheticism. The GenMod is part human,  animal, plant and product, shaped by contemporary changes affecting our evolution such as new food processes and scientific breakthroughs.

These creations highlight the surreal divide between artifice and  nature and find inspiration from both spirituality and contemporary  ecological concerns. While questioning the means of production of  necessities such as food, the project challenges proliferation and  depletion and offers a glimpse of optimism in a largely bleak future.  The factious concept rejects all systems such as capitalism and  Christianity while borrowing heavily from ancient systems, witchcraft  and science fiction and implementing them into an imagined future. Using   largely the detritus of such rejected systems, the new world will  promote the salvation and fetishization of objects. Simultaneously,  these objects will act as talismans to remind us of a bleak past and  will be transformed into antidotes for the future.