Teri Donovan is a Toronto-based artist. She employs mixed media to address patterns that shape awareness, thoughts, and behaviours. 

She graduated from York University, and the University of Toronto, and studied at OCAD, Toronto School of Art, and The Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore. She is represented by The Red Head Gallery, Toronto.

Donovan‘s work is in corporate and private collections and was featured in Carte Blanche Vol.2: Painting, a survey of contemporary painting in Canada.

Her practice incorporates a variety of drawing and painting media and is concerned with contradictory and paradoxical aspects of everyday life. She is interested in issues related to agency and identity and the roles that past, present and projected future social values play in determining selfhood.

Donovan’s recent photo-based work is a departure from her mixed media painting practice. In it she explores the experience of being constrained or limited by perceived or actual restrictions whether self-imposed or externally determined. She employs boxes, both literally and symbolically, to convey an experience of circumscription and encapsulate a sense of the never-ending struggle for freedom.

Donovan’s plans for future works will involve a return to mixed media painting and will focus on identity and domesticity.

For more information visit: http://www.teridonovan.ca/