Talking: A Lover's Discourse, 2010
Graphite on gouache, 20x26 inches.

Jack Btler
Talking: A Lover's Discourse


OPENING RECEPTION:  Jan 5, 2 - 5p.m.
The Red Head Gallery
presents an exhibition by Jack Butler, including the installations Fatemaps, Heaven's Husband and drawings in the series Talking - A Lover's Discourse. Butler presents, not erotica exactly, but certainly a form of sexual graphesis, a "putting into discourse of sexuality."

The exhibit is an exegesis on the meaning of the body in terms of sexuality. Butler problematizes sexuality: the work  GenitalEmbryogenesis, which is an animation showing how male and female genitalia develop in the human embryo, establishes the theme of differentiation within the context of scientific study. The installations Heaven's Husband and Fatemap: Do you want to know what will happen? then bring the body to visual discourse, portraying the body as part of   an interpretive narrative. Butler says of this work, "my purpose is to   offer more accurate social and aesthetic discriminations and adequate frames when conceptualizing and representing the process of sexual  differentiation..."  Please note, this exhibition contains explicit sexual content.

Jack Butler's hybrid practice uses the means and methods of visual art to produce research in two domains - medical science (embryogenesis primary research), and collaborations with Inuit artists (the current project, Art & Cold Cash). With degrees in visual art and philosophy, Butler exhibits internationally with work in public and private collections including the National Gallery of Canada.

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Concurrently, Hamilton Artists Inc. presents the exhibition StoryBones: Selected Works by Jack Butler.  This collection of works, ranging from 1969-2012, is the first major overview of Butler’s practice.  Hamilton Artists Inc. is located at 155 James St N in the Arts District of Hamilton, ON.  gallery hours:  Wed-Fri 12-5  Sat & Sun 12-4  theinc.ca