Something Happened: I Can Hear it Tick #1
11 x 9 cm. Coloured pencil on 100% rag board


Something Happened

Jane Martin’s first exhibition at Red Head was Something Happened, a suite of 39 drawings based on photographs she had taken of her husband Ewen McCuaig throughout his last year and ten days.

This is clearly a trained eye, undertaking a painful, “sometimes dreaded,” yet redeeming task. There is “a little story within each drawing,” each informing the larger “Something” of the collection's title.

The result is a profoundly moving visual account of loss, but one that allows us to imagine our own journey toward death and those we will leave behind.

Lifeworks: An act of remembering.

Allan Peterkin MD. CMAJ September 9, 2008


The wall text and eight of the drawings from the Something Happened exhibition were reproduced on the covers an inside ars medica Vol.4 No.2 Spring 2008.  www.ars-medica.ca/Archive.html#7

The Art Gallery of Ontario has acquired several of the Something Happened drawings. Four of these were included in the exhibition The Matter of Loss on view until July 19, 2009. Artists in this exhibition: Christian Boltanski, Greg Curnoe, Dena De Cola and Karin E. Wandner, Eric Fischl, Martha Issumatarjuak, Brian Kipping, Jane Martin and Spring Hurlbut.