Slavica Panic's art practice revolves around ideas of public/private spaces, digital/analog exchange and mediated reality.  By using various mediums and contexts, she explores the very notion of space, which is not physically confined to the ambient, our physical geography, or one moment in time. Rather, the idea of ‘space’ possesses a complex nature, resilience and omnipresence, as well as a multifold of other non-tangible characteristics. By exploring and contrasting different narratives, compressing or deconstructing spaces and making them ‘portable’, she is interested in proposing and (re)creating realities, specifically focusing on what is hidden, implied, disguised, etc.

Panic's current body of work involves references to pop-up books, multiples and modular objects, objects that are light and portable with variable dimensions. 




Slavica Panic is a multimedia artist living in Toronto. Born in Serbia, she received a MFA from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2006, she moved to Canada to pursue a MFA degree at the University of Western Ontario, graduating in 2008. Her practice involves objects, installations, video, drawing and photography. She is interested in the concept of space, in narratives that help build the dense ‘fabric’ of reality, and in the ways the (re)constructed realities continue to inform new encounters. Slavica Panic has exhibited in solo and group shows in Serbia, Vienna, Lyon, and Canada.



Modular Meteorite, 2014.
Mixed media, 20 x 15 inches.