The Red Head Gallery is offering a number of historically significant original prints from two markedly different portfolios for it’s 23rd anniversary fundraiser, REDROSPECITVE 2013.

Where does the REDROSPECTIVE 2013 print collection come from? 

In 1990, to raise money for the newly formed Red Head Gallery collective, 16 artists contributed original prints assembled as a portfolio, and an additional four artists were added to the set in 1991. 

The 1990-91 collection of 20 prints is a hand-made, hand-printed collection - multiple block linocuts, lithographs, aquatint, dry-point, and silkscreen prints. The prints measure 11 x 17 inches and were each printed in an edition of 70.

In 2000, in another fundraising effort, a second portfolio was created by 19 Red Head Gallery members. The majority of these prints are digital and/or photo based: C-prints, Xerox, video stills, black and white photos, and Inkjets. These prints measure 8 x 10 inches and the edition size is five. 

These two collections together constitute the personal, idiosyncratic stamp of 39 of Canada's most recognizable names in visual art.

What is an original print?

An original print is an image that has been conceived and executed by the artist solely as a print, usually in a numbered edition, and signed by the artist. Each print in the edition is an original that has been hand printed from a plate, stone, screen, stencil, block or other matrix created for that purpose. 

Each print produced is technically a unique work although produced as a signed and numbered multiple. The term for this group of multiples is the edition. Although there are many of the same image in an edition, each print is an individual part of the whole, the whole being the edition. An original print is actually one piece of a multiple original work of art.