Rebecca Diederichs grew up in Alberta, moved to Toronto in the late 70′s and graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1988. Rebecca Diederichs has been involved with Toronto’s artist run culture since the 1980s. She was a founding member of the artists’ collective Place and Show Artists’ Projects, a Board Member of YYZ Artists’ Outlet, the artists’ service organization CARO, and a member of The Red Head Gallery. She has curated, and written exhibition texts, and contributed interviews and reviews to Lola, an art and culture zine based in Toronto. Diederichs has been involved with the artist group Persona Volare since their first exhibition in 2000. Diederichs recently completed a Masters of Visual Studies at the University of Toronto in May 2010. Diederichs lives and works in Toronto.

Scheme for photo series, Blossom Time II , 2000