MARCH 5 - MARCH 27, 2010

Livelihood is a constructed collection of images and sounds that explore the texture and syntax of our urban and suburban environment. Using an interactive system with large-scale projection, Livelihood creates a seamless and fluid parade of ordinary places, people and things that represent a placeless everywhere and nowhere. The work is a response to the terrain of the modern edge-city. It a series of counter-places shaped by the economics of consumption and automobility. Livelihood seeks to disrupt the passive progression we commonly experience as drivers with the (re)flexibility of the walker who gathers sensations, knowledge and sentiment with which to build a virtually inhabited sense of place.

Taken as a whole, Livelihood forms a dynamic stream of idiosyncratic particularity based in the lived experience of our social and material world. It questions the inevitability of standardization. It is a virtual place where the participant can enact a sense of belonging in the ordinary and awkward places we regularly bypass.

Jean Bridge is an interdisciplinary artist whose work ranges from painting to digital media. Her work has been exhibited widely in Canada and internationally. Bridge lives in St. Catharines, Ontario, where she teaches new media at Brock University. She is also the founder of nGen, Niagara Interactive Media Generator.

Thanks to: Andrew Roth, Jeff Mann and Duncan MacDonald for technical assistance.

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