Detail from Inventory #5 , 2012
Mixed media with encaustic on 12 clipboards, 51.5x29 inches.


Inventories and Micro-mapping

SEPTEMBER 5 - 22, 2012

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, September 8, 2-5pm

      The Red Head Gallery presents Inventories and Micro-mapping by artist Peter Dykhuis.    These works began with paper-based ephemera -- such as personal lists,   envelopes and notes -- that were cut-and-pasted onto clipboards, then overlaid with maps and images and, as sequenced works of art, posted  onto the walls of the Gallery.  As visual sentences that embody human  relationships that also depict spatial mapping systems, these works  mimic communications parallel to those found in digital social media,  albeit environments dominated by corporate interests in human  interconnectivity.

Peter Dykhuis has exhibited in artist-run centres and public galleries throughout Canada and the United States.  As a member of The Red Head Gallery, he has participated in solo and group projects since 2004.  On the international stage, Dykhuis has exhibited at The Embassy of Canada in Tokyo in 1998 and installed Pressure Today at the conference titled Cartography and Art – Art and Cartography in Vienna, Austria, in 2008.  You Are Here (Works on Paper) was presented at the Sydney College of the Arts in Australia in 2009.  New clipboard based work was displayed in the exhibition The Art of Mapping organized by TAG Fine Art in London, England, in November of 2011.

Parallel   to this, Dykhuis developed a career as an arts administrator, curator and critical writer, first in Toronto and presently in Halifax, Nova  Scotia.  In August 2007, Dykhuis became the  Director/Curator of Dalhousie Art Gallery at Dalhousie University in  Halifax where he is responsible for its administration and programming.