all the love and all the doors, (Installation view), 2017

Cate McGuire

Cate McGuire uses various media to build worlds that mimic the natural, the built and the imaginary. Her goal is to provoke reflection and to spark cultural memory by re-animating existing images and creating new ones. The work primarily attempts to bridge the experience of large external forces with smaller more personal ones; between public spaces or natural landscapes and domestic spaces or interior landscapes.

“Collage, drawing, painting, digital photography and digital manipulation are the media I explore in my art practice. 

Like many, I tend to work in series. The series generally explore a specific idea or theme and follow the same formal rules. They are linear that way. Each series of work is conceptually separate from the rest, in terms of subject, methodology and media. The freedom to change the way that I work, the subject and the general appearance of the work, in order to develop new ideas, is something that I value above almost anything else. That said there is no theme that defines my work, only themes, and those change depending on what I am working on. This is not to say that the work is inconsistent, just that it is fluid.

I try to make images that haven’t been seen before, to look backward in time and in memory, look around at my immediate surroundings and the world, to look inward, or look outside at the landscape – natural and man-made, always using a library of visual language to reveal a perspective or an idea, or a strong feeling and to try to apply the right design approach to the image to increase its potency or to expand its meaning.”

All the air in the room, solo exhibition, 2017

Cate McGuire is a visual artist whose full-time practice is based in Toronto. She has an extensive background in art and design, including a bachelor of fine arts degree from Concordia and a post-graduate degree of architecture from UBC. She has shown her work independently including two recent solo shows at the Red Head Gallery, as part of their Summer rental program, in addition to the Artist Project, ArtBomb, Project Gallery, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and the Riverdale Art Walk as well as in juried group exhibitions at Elora Centre for the Arts, the Gladstone Hotel, Propeller and the Latcham Gallery. She has received awards and honours at the Latcham Gallery, the Riverdale Art Walk and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

Cate McGuire is represented by the Red Head Gallery. In addition, selected works are available for purchase at Art Interiors, Toronto.

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