Case History

AUGUST 10 - AUGUST 20, 2011

OPENING RECEPTION: August 10, 6pm-9pm


"Case History" confronts documentation as an act of recording and storing information and as the product of this act that projects authority over how the information is perceived. XXXX Collective investigates the mechanics of this authority and the process of transformation undergone when the information a document contains is no longer immediately relevant, or an expression of contemporary thought.

The show is a methodological and personal investigation as to why nostalgia has become a popularized theme in our culture as demonstrated through the"; ration of that which is vintage or retro. It also examines the artists' desires to document their experiences and environment, and how these documents contribute to the construction of personal identity.

XXXX  is the collective art persona of Shannon Garden-Smith, Corrie Jackson, Emily Smit-Dicks and Polina Teif. We are four artists who make work  marked by a sympathy for serialization and documentation. By employing  archiving as a procedural approach, our practices";e our relations  with our immediate environments. The circumstances of our chance  participation in the information age fuel our particular;obsession with  the role of the document as a facilitator of communication and  understanding.