Brynn Higgins-Stirrup's practice functions as a celebration of mystery, intermediacy and the unknowable. Her work is enacted through a commitment to repetition and labour-intensive processes as a method of creating a space of learning and making through non-thinking. These techniques act as physical markers of time and space, honouring mental quiet and the movement of the body. They are paralleled by a psychological dedication to engagement with the present moment as a foundational mode of understanding and being.

Higgins-Stirrup is concerned with the origin and process of making as the creative force which moves energy into form. Her subjects are informed by ritual and mystery and often represent modes of mental and physical of transportation, transformation and transcendence. Focusing on the intermediacy and inconsistency of experience, the pieces consider and reconsider how and why we access spiritual meaning and information. In doing so, speaking to the impossibility of holistic experience through these ways of understanding.




Brynn Higgins-Stirrup holds a BFA in painting and sculpture from Queen’s University (2013). She also studied studio arts at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia (2012) and art history at the Bader International study centre in the United Kingdom (2009). Her current practice focuses on labour-based drawing and sculptural practices.

Recent exhibitions include Tell Me What You’re Made Of at Forest City Gallery (2014), Whose Thirst is Their Must in the YYZ Artists' Outlet window space (2014) and The Last Swim at the Union Gallery (2013). This past year she also took part in the YYZLAB residency at YYZ Artists' Outlet and was in the emerging artist sector of The Artist Project 2014 contemporary art fair. Higgins-Stirrup lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.



When I See the Blood, 2014.
Hand-embossed Stonehenge paper, 17 x 11 inches.