Lonsdale Gallery presents Innocence & Experience, a solo exhibition of new work by interdisciplinary artist Xiaojing Yan. Yan has explored her placement, or displacement, between an Eastern and Western existence. Her latest exhibition is born from a greater point of impasse.  Acting from the perspective of a child as well as a mother, Yan is reflecting on life, aging and all of the stages therein.  Her new works are meditations on these themes, taking the form of sculpture, installation, drawings and video.  The exhibition centers around two objects of importance: the scholar’s stone and the Lingzhi mushroom. These objects are the subject of folklore and superstition in China.  Yan takes these symbols and re-examines them from her place as an immigrant in the Western world.

Lonsdale Gallery is participating in the Canadian Art Gallery Hop. Join Xiaojing Yan at
her brunch, artist talk and reception to experience her breathtaking exhibition on Saturday, September 20th, from 10 am – 1 pm.  Artist talk begins at 11 am.