The ability for a painting to depict both an incredibly flat plane and an occupiable space is a concept with endless possibilities for exploration. Bailey Govier is motivated by her desire to know where these two states of reception meet. Exploiting this oscillation between the second and third dimensions affords her the opportunity to explore the ever changing functions of the medium of painting, and the mechanisms of seeing. Consistently throughout her work, she has derived her hue spectrum from contemporary design trends. When placed in a fine art context the colours remain fashionable but seem unfamiliar.

A quick approach to creation affords her the opportunity to relay the most important information without over thinking and analyzing secondary concerns. As a result of this quick and intuitive process, many paintings are never fully realized and very few can be deemed successful. The paintings created in between the successes serve as useful studies and stepping stones to the final works.


Bailey Govier is a graduate of the University of Guelph’s Studio Art program. She completed her Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in 2011 specializing in painting. With close attention to space and colour, her flat, bold paintings challenge the viewer to perceive shifts in atmospheric light and volume. She has won numerous awards including prizes granted three years in a row at the University of Guelph’s annual Juried Art Show. Most recently, Govier participated in the YYZLab residency hosted by YYZ Artists' Outlet in Toronto. Govier has exhibited across Canada and her work can be found in several private collections.



Lab1, 2014.
Acrylic on panel, 48 x 36 inches.