Associate Membership

The Red Head Gallery Associate Membership is an initiative implemented to support the gallery in a meaningful way. The fee is $50 renewable annually. Your membership fee supports The Red Head Gallery’s continued role as a forum for dialogue and exchange about contemporary art practices through exhibitions, and member events. The Red Head Gallery facilitates a sense of community: to meet other members involved in the visual arts, to network, socialize, and to create discourse. 

The Red Head Gallery, is a professional artists’ cooperative committed to exhibiting the work of established and emerging artists and to encouraging ethnic and cultural diversity in both audience and program development.Associate members will have the opportunity to participate in The Red Head Exchange exhibitions, should vacancies be available after the current members have been accommodated. Associate member’s names will appear on a page of The Red Head website with a link to their own website. Additionally, Associate Members will have the opportunity to rent the gallery space from one to six weeks during the summer when the gallery is closed.