My One And Only, 2014.
Acrylic on two canvas panels, 60” x 80”


JUNE 25 - JULY 19, 2014

The Red Head Gallery is pleased to present Continuation, an exhibition by guest artist Anne-Marie Cosgrove.

Continuation is an exhibition of a new series of paintings on two canvas panels. At different moments, the size has varied only once. The duality of the physical painting space and the repetition of size are conditions to these paintings. As a result the series of paintings have resolved themselves in relation to this combined duplicity.

Most of All, 2014.
Aacrylic on two canvas panels, 60” x 80”

“The point of seriality is not to produce canvases that are almost the same, but to produce paintings that are as different from each other as possible” (Martin Barré, 1985).

Continuation is a series of ‘pictorial propositions’ that employ a direct and responsive approach to the surface of the canvas. The paintings are composed of underpainting and superimpositions of lines executed, at times, by swift gestures of the brush and slow, conscious and deliberate structures of mark-making. These painting ‘events’ are not ‘underneath’ or ‘behind’ the surface but ‘before’, linking the action of painting with time. (Ann Hindry, Martin Barré: 1972-1977 Les Années Décisives)

As with earlier text-based paintings that avoid suggestions of composition and situate the paintings as fragments of a larger space, a formal repetition of elements and lack of any perspectival space are used to convey the painted space beyond the limits of the frame. This all-over approach to the structures in the work are characteristic to these paintings.

Anne-Marie Cosgrove (born in Montréal, Québec) has shown in Canada, the US and elsewhere in cities such as Montréal, Toronto, New York City, Miami, Seattle, Vancouver and Washington D.C. Awards include the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council. Her work has been reviewed in Canada and the US in publications such as Vanguard Magazine, Matriart: A Canadian Feminist Art Journal, ArtWord: Artists Forum and numerous online publications.