Adam Filek's work exists in the forms of live or documented performance, using methods of meditation, endurance, ritual and often carries with it notions of poetic and archetypal investigation. Adam aims to represent the divide between man and nature, invite connection with environment and the self, and to re-contextualize this divide as an optimistic return to natural and manual methods of thought and action.

Much of his current work has centred around coming to terms with grief or loss through forming physical relationships with the inanimate, contrasting the passion of intimacy alongside the all-encompassing nature of rock, water, and land mass. In this way Adam hopes to create scenarios that are at once seductive and abhorrent, absurd yet emotionally understood.

Adam Filek grew up in rural Ontario and now resides in Toronto. He is a graduate of OCAD University's Sculpture/Installation program, has exhibited throughout Toronto and internationally.

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